Cities and villages

  For those who like to explore the local culture and delve into the rich history of Andalusia, there are countless unique places to visit.  Time seems to have stopped in some villages and in the fabulous cities you will discover the "grandeur" and architectural constructions of earlier civilisations.


  Vélez-Rubio is the closest village to Casa Clavi.  With its 6000 inhabitants it is a lively village that has everything you need on a daily basis.  The village has a very beautiful church at the central village square.  There are also beautiful monuments such as the "Lorca Gate" and several interesting buildings.  The local weekly market at saturday is also worth a visit.  There are plenty of terraces for refreshment during the hot summer months.


  Vélez-Blanco is a typical Spanish white village, the name says it all.  It is a cosy village with many small streets where you will find cosy bars and terraces.  It also has one of the most beautiful and best preserved fortresses of Spain, definitely worth a visit.


  The closest coastal city is Aguilas.  It is a modern city of 35,000 inhabitants with countless alleys to stroll around in, but also a place to relax on the beach.  The city also has 2 harbours for pleasure boats.  The weekly market here is a hive of activity.  With its 250 stalls, it is one of the largest in the region.  The market is located on the outskirts of the town with a large organised car park.

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  Mojacar is divided into 2 parts. The actual village of Mojacar is situated on a hill and is still traditionally Spanish with narrow, steep streets. It has some cosy taverns and squares, and a few restaurants. The more touristy Mojacar Playa is situated at the seaside, and has a beach promenade with mostly restaurants, taverns and pubs, where all the hotels and holiday flats are located.

Other Cities

  There are, of course, many other cities.  Especially the large well-known cultural cities such as Granada, Seville and Cordoba.  These are located at a slightly greater distance.  Granada can be reached in 1.5 hours.  Almería, as a coastal city, and Murcia also have a lot of beautiful things to offer.  And for those who want to shop, the closest shopping centre (Parque Almenara) is situated in Lorca, a 30min ride.

Relaxation and sightseeing


  Mini-Hollywood is located at the edge of the Desierto De Tabernas, Europe's only (semi-) desert.  It rains here on average 4 days a year! Some famous westerns have been shot here in the region. The village is the setting for a real western show every day.  The whole site also includes a zoo with 800 animals, a water park, a parrot show and of course the necessary restaurants against hunger.  There is enough to do for a whole day of fun and entertainment.  This is really a must for young and old!

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Geode of Pulpi

For lovers of walking in a cave or rocks, there is the Geode of Pulpi.  New discoveries were made at this site that has been around for a long time in 2019.  A guided walk in the cave will take you beneath Spanish solid ground into a new world full of crystals and minerals.
You should wear a mouth mask to protect the rocks and a helmet (provided there) to protect your head.
Advance reservations (on time) are required.

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  For those who want the real water fun, there is this water park in Vera.  The many slides and swimming pools provide a whole day of fun and the necessary refreshment.


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  Natural lakes have been formed through the rugged landscape and are often used to generate energy.  Sometimes they are real structures and the scenery is often breathtaking.  Many are also equipped for water sports, so bring your swimming trunks!
Embalse del Negratin is one of the most beautiful in the area at about an hour's drive.


Castellón Alto

  This is an archaeological site of the Bronze Age.  It consists of several terraces at different heights.  This is really worth a visit, although a good physical condition is not superfluous.  Only at fixed hours and guided in Spanish


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Guadix and the end of the world

  Perhaps one of the most multicultural cities around is Guadix.  Visit the Moorish Alcazaba, la Catedral de la Encarnación or one of the many cave houses just outside the town.  There is also a wall with an entrance gate from the Middle Ages.  If you drive a little further to Beas de Guadix, a village with 320 inhabitants, you can visit the badlands.  An area that makes you think this could be the end of the world.